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Spa & Wellness

Turkish Bath Rituals

  • Pamper yourself with a hammam bath based on the rituals of Turkish Bath culture. Discover a whole new level of cleansing and revitalization with a deep exfoliation that will revitalize your body and soul. Feel your skin pores open, toxins released and your body renewed.
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Skin care

Pamper your skin with many special care applications, from preventive care for your face and body, to reparative mask applications and basic care.

Massage and Therapies

  • Our massages and therapies are a unique and thoughtful way of helping one relax, rest and work healthily as a harmonic whole body and mind.
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Fitness Center

Our fitness center, which is designed to open the doors of a healthy lifestyle, is equipped with modern equipment and professional trainers, and offers personalized programs, meets our sports-loving guests.